In this modern world, a lot of people are finding the love of their life online and you might have been considering doing so too.

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Not all first dates turn out to be what you dream they would be like. From meeting someone with an offensive mouth odour to meeting someone that might want to harm you. For your good, it is advisable to prioritize dating safety, and we have compiled a list of 5 safe travelling tips to remember when meeting someone online.

1. Background Check:

For your safety, it is important to run a background check on your date. With their name or surname, you can search for their social media accounts to determine the kind of person that they are. This isn’t stalking or unethical. You’re simply doing everything you have to do to be safe. You can also try to find out who your mutual friends are and ask them questions about your date. Try to figure out if your date is married or single, and also if going on a date with him/her is worth it

2. Tell Someone:

This is not only for emotional support. It is good to have a particularly close friend of yours that you can tell about your date for your safety. Let this friend or family of yours know the name of your date, his or her phone number, the place you plan to meet your date, and when you intend to arrive. If your plans change later, make sure that you let your friend or family know about the development.

3. Meet in Public:

The safest place to meet with someone you got to know online for the first time should be in a public or crowded place.You would be responsible for whatever you do after meeting with your date but before meeting with him or her, make them understand that the date will be, at most, for one hour and in a public space. It is better if it is in a busy area. Advisable spots for first dates are restaurants, cafés and parks.

4. Drink Responsibly:

When meeting someone you got to know online for the first time, it is advisable to go easy on alcohol. Furthermore, do not accept drinks that are not from the bar or wait staff. Since 2017, there have been thousands of cases of rape by intoxication. You can just avoid alcohol altogether since you can’t be too safe.

5. Go Home Alone:

Some people might call this old-fashioned or boring, but it is better to go home alone on the first date, no matter how awkward it might sound. This is not to teach you how to live your life, but it might be hard for you to get help when you need it if you are home alone with your date. Also, you don’t want someone you just met for the first time to know where you live at this might end up being disastrous. If you need to have sex with your date, ensure that it is in a hotel with close-by security.

Before going on a date, have an excuse in case you are in a situation where you are not feeling the vibe of your date. The stress of making plans for a date can be overwhelming, but keep in mind that your safety is what is most important in this modern world.