8 Facts and Myths about Asia you should know

Asia is a beautiful continent, home to one of the most mystic and traditional people globally. The sights and history of this continent make it a hot spot for visitation by curious tourists. The entire continent is buzzing with history. However, many tourists have a misguided notion of this beautiful continent. Their myths can sometimes be very funny or downright insulting.

This article will help identify some of these myths and facts about Asia and hopefully clear up a curious mind. By the way, you should read the online reviews of online travel agencies before you book a flight or hotel when you want to travel. It would be best if you also endeavoured to confirm the reliability of any travel and hotel agency via BritainReviews. This would help you avoid scams as a traveller and tourist.

4 Myths About Asia

1.  Bali is a country

Bali has featured on Instagram a lot in the past years. Its beach, temples, and cafe photos have attracted many potential tourists to want to venture there, but many have the mistaken belief that it is a country. Bali is not a country; it is an island in Indonesia, a country in Asia. Many other places are also stereotyped this way; perhaps a little study can help clear this mistaken notion.

2.  The majority of Asians are pagans

If you are a lover of western movies and Asia is portrayed, what you see is a bunch of guys with beliefs in the gods and goddesses of the ancient world. Indeed, many Asians, and so you will find many people, are still believers in the old gods, but most of them are roughly scattered among the Islamic, Christian, and Free-thinking religions.

3.  A continent full of old and poor people

Where can you not find old and poor people? They are everywhere, but unlike what you know, see, and hear, Asia is not a dumping ground for old and poor people from the media. There are young, savvy people with money and means, as there are people with dreams and aspirations, just like you would find in the west.

4. Weird food

Asian food is one of the healthiest in the world. You only have to visit a country on the massive continent to know that. Their meal features many vegetables, fish, and meat and is a recipe for healthy living.

4 Interesting Facts about Asia

1.  The word “Asia” is a mystery, but it is feminine

No one knows the meaning of Asia or where it came from, but it is a feminine name that means sunrise. The meaning of the name is symbolic of the sun rising from the east since the continent is in the far east.

2.  It is the largest continent in size and population

Asia is the largest continent globally and on earth, as it holds a staggering 30% of the earth’s surface area. It is also the most populous continent globally, with roughly 60% of its population living in Asia.

3.  It is home to the tallest mountains in the world.

The 14 tallest mountains in the world, known collectively as the Eight-Thousands, are located in Asia, and each one is over 8000 metres. Ten are located in the Himalayas, known as the Himalayas mountains, and four are in the Karakoram range.

4.  Its people live longer and healthier

People in Asia have a longer life expectancy than many places in the world, including the UN. This might be due to their environment and lifestyle, but if you want to live very long, you might want to move to an Asian country.