Amazing Experience Swimming With Dolphinaris At Dolphinaris

Swim with Dolphins at Dolphinaris is an amazing experience of a lifetime. You can’t just wade through the shallows as these dolphins circle and splash all around you. You can have a thrilling ride with dolphins. You’ll hold on tight to its dorsal fin as it spins safely and is unforgettable. You can thank your dolphin for the adventure of a lifetime with pats, hugs, and even kisses. So make sure to plan your fun vacation for Swim with Dolphins in Tulum.

When to Go

Dolphinaris is accessible all year round, and trips can be planned yearly. The recommendation for going to the Dolphinaris is to choose the dry season (rather than the rainy month) when planning your trip. The weather conditions are more suitable, and the sea is calmer (fewer waves), which in turn makes the experience more enjoyable. So Plan your amazing vacation with Swim with Dolphins in Cancun.

My experience

I have had the opportunity to visit Dolphinaris on various occasions, and the area there has always been one of the highlights of my stay! Swimming with dolphins is “unique”, and very exciting! It’s an amazing feeling to experience them in just a few minutes, swimming with them side by side, feeling their presence right below you…

This also requires a lot of effort, as dolphins are always on the move. Be prepared to jump in and out of the boat quite often! I have also swam with dolphins. The dolphin I went swimming with was pregnant. The coach will give a hand signal to roll over so everyone can rub their belly.

About 10 minutes after moving on to another part of swimming with them, the pregnant dolphin kept coming up to everyone and rolling over to rub her belly. Must enjoy it. Dolphins also give you kisses. They will stick their muzzle (as I call it) to your cheek.

Reasons to Swim With Dolphins

Humans have a never-ending interest in these mammals swimming in the oceans. They are smart and friendly. More importantly, they are friendly to humans. Many people don’t want to swim in the sea unless they see dolphins. Because They think they are safer in the water because of the belief that the dolphins will drive away the sharks.

Getting to know the dolphins is an experience that everyone should do. Yes, it’s a little pricey but worth it. If you can do that, you should swim with the dolphins. Their skin is so smooth you won’t believe it. They have sharp teeth but won’t bite you. These creatures are powerful ocean dwellers.

At the end of the hour, you are pushed by two dolphins. I can’t believe how fast they can get you going. They are extraordinary creatures. If you have the chance to swim with them, do it! It’s worth every penny and is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.