Consider This Before Buying a Humidifier

Did you know that the use of AC constantly can cause the air in the room to dry? Dry air due to low humidity levels can cause respiratory distress. So often the humidity gauge or air humidifier is used as a solution.
There are so many functions of air humidifiers, some of which are keeping the sterility of the room and the air we breathe free of dust or particles that would be harmful to the health of the lungs.
Here are 5 considerations for choosing a humidifier:

The type of steam produced
Humidifiers are generally able to increase the humidity level to an ideal level (45{6ed5ae0cc58e138824c43d4509173ab75502a2f0dfa91a1eb44bd3a2c8c3dbc7} -65{6ed5ae0cc58e138824c43d4509173ab75502a2f0dfa91a1eb44bd3a2c8c3dbc7} RH) by converting water into two types of steam; warm steam or cool steam. Warm steam protects the room from cold air, while cool steam protects the room from hot air. Therefore, the humidifier not only ensures the level of humidity remains ideal, but also improves the air temperature according to the conditions of your room.
Humidity output capacity and area of ​​the room
Before choosing, make sure you already know the humidity output produced by a humidifier in a certain area. If the humidifier used does not match the area of ​​the room, then the humidity may still not reach or even exceed the desired level. You need to know, too high a level of humidity can accelerate the growth and spread of mold, bacteria, and dust mites in the room.
Filter used
Humidifier works to filter the air, of course, choose products that already have filter features. Unfortunately there are still many who are not careful or don’t really understand and think that all types of air humidifiers are the same. Make sure the air humidifier that you want already has a filter and works optimally.
Usage operational costs
Not only from the cost of purchase and installation, think also about the long-term costs, aka operational. What is meant is electricity that is used regularly.
These operational costs must be carefully calculated and compared to the average use of other household equipment. If it turns out to be quite wasteful, can consider a more energy efficient model. Now there are many choices of household devices that can be used for power consumption. Avoiding something that can be avoided doesn’t matter, right?
Special additional features
Also note additional features that will simplify the operation of the humidifier. One of them is the auto shut-off feature that deactivates the humidifier automatically when the room has reached the desired humidity level. In addition, look for a humidifier that has been equipped with hygrostat so that the desired humidity level can be adjusted accurately. Because humidifers require regular water refilling, you must also carefully choose a humidifier that is practical to use so that water does not spill easily.
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