Does Coronavirus Lower The Prices Of Flights And Hotel For Tourism?

With the current pandemic – COVID-19, the novel coronavirus – ravaging the whole world and affecting virtually all aspects of life, while favoring some, we have seen some business being more affected. One of the most hit industries is tourism. The COVID-19 disease has spread everywhere, and not just that, more people are getting infected every day. The economy is affected while some countries are tending towards recession. Amidst this, many are trying to begin an everyday life, seeing this nasty disease as something that will be part of our daily life.

Are Airlines Cheaper Now?

Since many do not want to be indoors and wish to resume their daily routine and have fun alongside, we cannot but wonder about how safe it is – with the current increase in the number of infected people worldwide. Airlines, hotels, and travel companies have seen a drop in customers and, consequently, a drop in revenue. This has even led to the laying off of some workers. Not just this, many travel companies, hotels, and airlines have also reduced their prices, and many, clamoring for the reopening of the economy and everyday life are ready to seize that option.

You can check MyFlightSearch experiences and listen to customers’ experiences to know their deals and find which one works best for you. Frontier Airlines is currently providing economy class service from LaGuardia Airport located in New York to Miami for $51, and it is not the only carrier following this price reduction, which is a special landmark occurring in the industry. You can also board a flight from JFK International Airport in New York to Paris for as low as $278 on American Airlines, or move from JFK to Rome on United for $310. Alaska Airlines sent passengers an email earlier in the week advertising their “biggest ticket sale yet” with tickets starting at as low as $20 one way between March 19th and May 20th for flights.

Hotels And Price Drop

Airlines aren’t the only flying organization to dive. Hotels reduce their rates domestically and internationally largely to compensate for COVID-19 cancellations, in Italy — which has advisory warning level 3 for COVID-19 in the United States. Facilities-hotel rates have plummeted for the control and prevention of diseases. According to Tripadvisor, you might book a stay in four-star hotels for as little as $50 a night. At some famous tourist attractions like Disney World, you can book a room at any of their resorts for as low as $119 per night.   Thanks to the outbreak, on DIS Forums, an online forum focused on everything connected to Disney travel, users considered suspending their trips to Disney parks.


Now that tourism is generally cheaper, the question of safety now arises. Many airlines are taking precautions such as no face mask, no travel. There is a general guideline for airlines for flight travels, with many airlines banning defaulters from using their service. Hotels are also sanitizing all luggage before being brought in. Rooms are cleaned more and deeply sanitized. WHO also made recommendations for travelers during this pandemic.