Easy Tips For Moving to The New Offices

Office moving activity is never an easy job. Especially if you have to carry heavy equipment such as copiers, safe, desk chairs, computers, etc. Don’t worry, though. In this article, we will discuss easy ways to prepare for moving to a new office.

Create a Moving Plan in detail

Make plans for moving. Including the responsible names, what work they need to do (such as installing telephone and internet installations). If you find it difficult or do not have a team to do the installation, you can ask Rhenus Lupprians to do careful planning for you.

Inform Transfer Plans to Suppliers, Local Partners etc.

Will your transfer plan affect business partners or clients? If so, make sure they know your new office contact and address.

Evaluate whether there is equipment that needs special handling

You can’t do all the moving work yourself, especially if it involves valuable and specialised equipment such as a machine or server. The losses incurred due to mishandling will be far higher than the savings you planned.

Not to mention if this could stop the company’s operations. Don’t let this happen! Rhenus Lupprians has an experienced team of server relocation specialists in handling server installation and packing services.

Contact Building Management Days in Advance

If you don’t own your building, make sure you contact the building’s management in advance to ensure that you can use the freight elevator for moving workers.

Label All Furniture

Labelling all office assets is very important so that no assets are lost or misplaced between departments. You can use a colour-coding system to make it easy to distinguish office assets between different departments.

Prepare the moving equipment

If your employees pack their tables themselves, make sure that they have the necessary equipment such as cardboard, tape, and labels, to name the items. For fragile items, prepare bubble wrap or even special wooden packing.

Make plans to install computers and IT systems (Information Technology)

Confirm whether your IT staff can do this. If you need professional services to move your IT equipment. Rhenus Luprians provides comprehensive services for office moving, including moving servers. The server transfer services they provide include:

  • Labelling
  • managing asset recovery
  • network installation
  • Packing Server
  • Shipping (Loading / Unloading)
  • Unpacking
  • Remounting server (reinstalling all server devices to the Rack position according to floor plan)