How to tour like a local in Amsterdam

As an avid traveller, you might be interested in an Amsterdam trip like no other, but with the aim of not being regarded as a tourist but rather a local, you need to research the best ways to achieve this. Hence, reading reviews such as from travel city direct reviewscan give you ideas of where to go to see this quaint and small place with unique architecture like a local in Amsterdam. However, you might still need clarification about the places to visit, so it is recommended to read further articles on sites like trip reviews to establish the best attractions that draw crowds of tourists and locals. So, afterwards, pack your bags, check your passports and budget, take a pen and pencil and right down the list of places you would like to visit. Finally, enjoy your tour of this beautiful little place with tulips, bicycles, good food, and wonderful people.

The best Amsterdam experiences

First of all, you cannot enjoy this unique little country with unique architecture much the same as touring it by bicycle as hundreds of these little transportation mechanisms can cost far less than when using public transport. In addition, it is also the best way to experience Amsterdam, such as a local because so many people living there use them daily in sheer amounts. Furthermore, by doing this, you can ensure yourself of a personalised little tour or by throwing some audible touring into the mix; you can learn so much more. And when trying to find accommodation, there are many places to best experience Amsterdam, such as hostels and even some houseboat hotels if something unique is desired. Hence, the popular way of touring is by boat on the various canals that are artificial, and a fascinating fact is that they are three meters deep.

The food in Amsterdam

It is interesting to experience how the locals enjoy their food, for instance, eating anything sweet, even if it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, such as the ever-popular sweet dutch pancakes. Instead, they are either smothered in syrup with some sugar dusted over it or, why not, some stroopwafels or some unique ideas on black liquorice, which can be seen and bought at various open-air markets. Some with some fascinating shapes and textures, and some very hard, whilst still upholding that wonderful aroma of this sweet.  And for those who desire something salty, there is an ever-popular shop selling Mannenkepics chips, a popular destination for tourists and locals as well, as it has been recorded to draw thousands of people, Bon appetite!

Things to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is home to over 75 museums, such as the Madam Tussaud wax museum, with look-alike celebrities and other well-known figures, such as why not shake hands with Donald Trump.  In addition, there is the Van Gogh museum and the Anne Frank house, which are so high in demand, that tickets are booked in advance. Many locals and visitors describe their visits to Anne Frank‚Äôs house as an emotional journey and a must-see on travels. Furthermore, various shopping places are available in Amsterdam’s beautiful yet narrow streets. Another interesting fact is that Amsterdam was initially a port many years back, and the houses surrounding the canals are costly. And whilst touring popular places, why not do it in the typical dutch country-inspired wooden shoes?