Romantic Destinations for a Romantic Trip

Romantic Destinations for a Romantic Trip

You have found the ideal partner, the one who shares your passion for travel that is great! But where are you going to go on your first trip together? Travelling with the love of your life is an experience that you need to have again and again. So, whether you are going for the first time or it is your repeated trip, Atlantis Water Park offers is the best way to make your dream come true.

For the First Time – Fez, Morocco

A first romantic trip is often very exciting. Either it passes, or it breaks. This is why this place is highly recommended where stress will have no influence: Fez, in Morocco. Awaken your senses in Fes el Bali or the Medina of Fez, the oldest fortified part of the city. The myriad of smells, the local crafts and the sympathy of the people will amaze you to the highest point. The scaffolding covering the decrepit buildings will soon be forgotten once you arrive at Medersa Bou Inania, one of the few places of worship in Morocco accessible to non-Islamic visitors, founded in the 1350s and recently renovated.

It is at the Chouara tannery that your senses will explode. The smell and the vivid colors of the dyes drying on the roofs will be the most vivid memory you will keep, the one that will remind you forever why you love Morocco so much.

For Nature Lovers – Big Sky, Montana

If you are dreaming of the great adventure, Big Sky, Montana is the place to be. An hour’s drive away, the vast landscapes of West Yellowstone Park will impress you greatly, especially if you come across buffaloes, sheep, wolves or even bears. Depending on the season, add a dog sled ride to your stay, or go rafting in Gallatin Canyon. As for accommodation, opt either for glamping in a luxury tent, or for more picturesque accommodation, such as a lodge, a ranch, or other hotel room near the Yellowstone.

After a hike in Lone Mountain, find yourself each a nice pair of boots at Carter’s Boots in Bozeman before having a good beer at the local bar.

For Romantic Souls – Seoul, South Korea

Love taking selfies of your wonderful couple? Seoul is the perfect destination for you. On day one, join the other couples at N Seoul Tower, the must-see for lovers. Hundreds of couples come to photograph themselves, whether on one of the heart-shaped chairs, or near the Padlocks of Love. Saying that Seoul is a romantic city is an understatement, especially if you are heading to Nami Island. Despite being a 60 km drive from Seoul, this island is a blend of paradise and romance, with rows of chestnut and poplar trees all beautifully aligned to form the perfect backdrop for couple photos. At the end of the day, meet at the DIY Ring Café in the Hongdae district, where you can make your own souvenir jewelry.

You can get a well-planned destination for a couple trips with Atlantis Water Park offers. You will enjoy the atmosphere, environment along with the different places where you can sit alone and enjoy the connection with your partner.